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Aircraft Rebuild
After the incident  on June 13/09 we immediately started the rebuild. Paul Bankert uprighted the cub with his forewarder. Orchestrated by Bill Funk and Rick Kornelson with the help of Ted Cook, Gerald Bankert, and son and daughter, Lorne Parks and Gary Jackson, the salvage started.
The engine was dressed up a little  for the rebuild and a shorter coarser prop used.  We used a 84 inch  pitched to 44 inches.  With more cabin air this time we did nothing else to the cub.  It may not accelerate as quickly on initial take off but cruise speed has increased to 108 mph.

The engine teardown, inspection, damage analysis, and painting was done by Aero Recip Winnipeg.


Landing in 8 inches of  snow with 6 inches fresh snow with the 35 Tundras.

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