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June 13  to 29, 2010  Trip to Alaska

 The trip to Alaska was 16 days of unbelievable  weather filled with great people, hospitality, scenery and incredible flying.  The highlight of the trip was the four days spent at Ultima Thule Lodge in the Wrangell St Elias Federal Park.  The backcountry flying was the best.  Touring the park and landing on river bars and  mountain bush landings and then the  glaciers with Paul Claus far exceeded our expectations of exploring   Alaska.  Following Paul in the deep gorges of the glacier rivers with  ice walls and then the high mountain snow covered bowls and mountain tops was breathtaking .  

The trip to Alaska began June 13,2010

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Some spot landing and fun flying in Alaska

Cub  visibility flying over Rockies at 8,500 ft.  
Northern British Columbia

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